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Falling Off Maps is a five-piece outfit from Nottingham, UK consisting of Dave Wright (vocals/guitar), Dane Prewett (bass/electronics), Joe Watts (guitar), Tom Harrison (piano) and Jay Wright (drums) and have been compared to the likes of Radiohead, Alt-J, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire. Their album title and band moniker were in place before a single note had been written or recorded. Falling Off Maps were a thematic concept in mind first–then came the music. Their brilliance sits in the intimate spaces created in their minimalist music dramas – it’s there in the things they have chosen to leave out as much as what is committed to a recording. The end result: a well of emotions. A widescreen, cinematic work. A thing of beauty. The album A Seaside Town In Winter featuring the single “The Redeemer” is a place you will want to re-visit time and time again.